Periods should be Free

Her Birthright is a global mission, to make periods free for all women.

The starting point is to gift +1000 menstrual cups to the women of Sweden, then the world. Order your free menstrual cup now!


Her Birthrights mission is to make periods free for all women and

to inspire a healthy, vibrant relationship to their menstrual cycle.

The mission is achieved through three steps.


First, Her Birthright aims to gift each woman her own menstrual cup that will serve her body, wallet and the environment.


Second, inform women (and the world) about the creative potential connected to the menstrual cycle through a free and optional workshop. The workshop aims to enhance the women's understanding of the science, history, and mysticism behind the four phases of her cycle.


Lastly, those who feel the calling are encouraged to sign the petition,

asking the Swedish government to establish women's free access to menstrual cups.

How it Works

3. Your Birthright

Her Birthright is currently funded by Katrine Bimell. Before Katrine makes a big order of the industry's most sustaibale menstrual cups, she needs to know how big the interest is in this first phase. Currently, she is able to sponsor 1000 women with a cup each, more will be on their way shortly.

Are you a person or an organization who wants to contribute to the menstrual cup revolution in Sweden and globally? Feel free to get in touch with your ideas through the Contact button below.

2. Workshop

För att få menskoppen så fort som möjligt (på plats) och samtidigt få en gedigen introduktion till mensens potential, välkomnas du till den, uppskattade (frivillaga) workshopen "Meet the Moon".

Workshopen kommer äga rum i Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö.

Equipped with a menstrual cup and know what to do with it? Inspired by your own natural cycle's (with/without the workshop)? Fantastic!


Enjoy all the money you are saving that you would otherwise have to put on panty liners. Enjoy all the energy you're saving by never again having to discover that you're out of tampons. Invest the money into yourself, maybe open a saving account or start a business. I (Katrine together with our Her Birthright partners will continue pushing the moon cup revolution so that more women like you and I can enjoy this freedom.


Questions? Check out the Q&A. 

Still can't find what you're looking for? Write me a message in the section below and please consider signing the petition!

Founded by

Come co-create the "Her Birthright" solution,

the menstrual cup revolution.
In service to our daughters, sisters, mothers, and selves."

With love and devotion /Katrine
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A big, big thank you to talented Kajsa Råsten for sponsoring 

Her Birthright with delightful artwork and illustrations! 

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